dramatic tree-inspired playground sculpture with ropes component

ID Sculpture creations are unlike any other playground feature. They instantly attract kids, get them moving and inspire them to come back again and again. You’ll see our love of nature in our organic forms and realistic textures. You can choose a signature sculpture from our catalog, or we can help you realize your vision for a custom playground or themed environment. Check out our popular Woodlands and TerraCritters lines.

Family rock climbing in a playground on hand-sculpted sandstone climbing boulders

We believe people are their strongest and most confident when they climb. That’s why ID Sculpture is committed to offering the most authentic, natural climbing experiences available.

Curious child peers out from behind rock and tree sculpted themed playground feature

When you want to step off the beaten path and a catalog of options just won’t cut it, ID Sculpture is ready to help you discover something new. With far-reaching capabilities in custom design, unique materials and innovative solutions, we provide the resources to help you plot your own course.